Sciatica Pain

Pain associated with sciatica is a common complaint, but all too often it is ignored by those who suffer from it. The sciatic nerve, which begins at the base of the spine and runs downs each thigh to the foot, can be responsible for a wide range of sharp pains, dull aches, recurring numbness and tingling, and both widespread and localized discomfort. Thus, the variety of symptoms associated with sciatica can cause difficulty in diagnosis and treatment.

Sciatic pain may be the result of spinal injury or compression, or it may stem from a misalignment or pinching of the nerve at its base or along its length. Common medications for sciatica generally only mask the pain. While surgical intervention in some cases offers relief, it is not always an appealing alternative.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

A comprehensive regimen of non-invasive spinal manipulation and alignment has proven to be effective for vast numbers of patients. Our caring professionals first seek to alleviate the pain through conservative, hands-on adjustments of the spinal column. These procedures also reduce inflammation, restore spinal function and contribute to lasting well-being.  Techniques that return the spine to its optimal flexibility, restore spinal column cushioning, correct alignment, and aid healing of herniated discs all help to correct a damaged spine. Chiropractic therapy generally involves progressive procedures designed to encourage the body to utilize its own restorative powers for lasting, drug-free recovery.

Dr. Korey Kothmann seeks to target the root cause thorough an initial examination and will partner with you to embark on a comprehensive and coordinated program to promote wellness. We view our therapeutic procedures as a continuum of care. We employ state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including X-rays, to determine the causes of pain and we have a variety of techniques to deal with spinal problems. In addition, we see ourselves as "lifestyle coaches," encouraging our patients to embark on lasting wellness routines that involve postural adjustments, diet and nutrition changes, beneficial exercise routines, and positive attitudes.

Other benefits of overall chiropractic and wellness therapy include an awareness of how spinal health and flexibility contribute to overall well-being, and the understanding that comprehensive scheduled care can contribute to improved flexibility, reduced stress, improved mobility and can help you retain youthful energy well into your senior years.

If you have suffered an automobile accident, sports injury or job-related discomfort, we are certain that chiropractic care can be of benefit. Sciatica can be a troublesome consequence of a relatively mild spinal malfunction. Headaches, neck and shoulder soreness, lower back pain and even arm and hand tingling may all be related to spinal disturbances.

Have you ever had problems getting to sleep because of pain? Do you sit at a computer for long hours, or does your job require you to stand a lot? If you suspect that you might be suffering from sciatica, why not schedule a consultation with Dr. Kothmann? You have nothing to lose but that nagging pain.


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