Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief for Lubbock

Neck pain is a common problem that stems from injury or poor alignment. These painful problems can cause continual irritation and stem into other symptoms, such as headaches, back pain, depression. If you think your neck could be interfering in any way with your life, the Lubbock neck pain professionals at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine are here to help.

The Important Role of the Spine

Neck Pain Lubbock TXThe cervical spine starts at the base of your scull and contains the seven small vertebrae that make up your neck. The cervical spine is responsible for supporting the weight of your head and can easily experience pain and injury. Our patients with neck pain in Lubbock, TX frequently make appointments because of a recent neck injury or irritation that is causing discomfort. Among the many possible neck injuries, whiplash and auto accident injuries are the most common. A stiff neck can even make it difficult to turn your head.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain can occur as the result of several conditions such as an injury, illness, chronic medical conditions, or various stresses (physical, emotional, and chemical). Our Lubbock neck pain doctors treat the pain at its source, rather than treating the symptoms alone. Our chiropractic care can help boost your immune system, and encourage the body to heal quickly. By addressing the underlying cause of neck pain, you can enjoy relief and improve your overall health..

Neck Pain Treatments

At Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, we provide patients relief from neck pain with a full menu of natural Lubbock chiropractic services. Our clinic offers effective natural treatment with the following health services:
-Spinal Adjustment
-Corrective Exercise

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "The staff is very knowledgeable in their field of expertise."
    Diane F.
  • "I just finished my 3rd visit / adjustment and my neck and back are already feeling so much better! The staff is super friendly and truly know what they are doing to make you feel better."
    Cindy Lynn C.
  • "I would highly recommend Dr. Kothmann and his professional staff for any type of chiropractic care. They know their job and they do it well. Above all, they care."
    Richard Dodson - Lubbock, TX