Natural, Drug-Free Services Available from Your Lubbock Chiropractor

At Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, we offer a comprehensive line of drug-free, non-invasive medical and chiropractic services to help our patients find relief from pain, recover from injuries and lead a healthier life.

What We Do

Dr. Korey Kothmann, our chiropractor in Lubbock, and the rest of our staff has served the needs of this community for many years and has successfully helped patients of all ages and with many different health issues. Our mission is to provide professional services to Lubbock and the surrounding communities that help our neighbors feel better every day.

We specialize in :

Chiropractic Care: Our Lubbock chiropractic team helps maintain overall spinal alignment, which leads to reduced pain and improved wellness using a variety of techniques including:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment (Manipulation)
  • Decompression Therapy

Pain Management: Helps to reduce pain and improve strength for such conditions as a herniated disc, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, or fibromyalgia.

Accident & Injury Rehabilitation:  You may have suffered a broken bone on the job, whiplash due to a car accident, or a sports injury due to repetitive actions, which is causing pain. We can help put your skeletal system back in alignment, restore range of motion, improve strength, and repair damage after an accident or orthopedic/sports injury.

Regenerative Medicine/PRP Therapy:  Our clinic is delighted to offer regenerative medicine for common sports injuries and osteoarthritis patients. We offer PRP Injections to help reduce chronic pain and inflammation in the joints and other soft tissue afflictions. 

Weight Loss: If you are looking to lose weight, our nutrition and wellness staff can help you find the most effective option to trim the extra pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

As an integrated medical pain relief center, we focus on a holistic approach utilizing various different areas/modalities. We are not just chiropractic, medical, or physical therapy; we are a combination of all 3 to treat a wide range of ailments, such as low back pain, joint pain, herniated disc, headaches & migraines, neck pain and more.

Preventative Health CareOur doctor might recommend a chiropractic course of care as well as lifestyle adjustments that can lead to a healthier life.

Post-Surgical Care: Our goal is to provide immediate pain relief, and then conduct a course of rehabilitative care to return your body to its pre-surgery condition.

Stress ManagementReducing and dealing with stress factors in your life can lead to improved health.

Hormone Imbalances: When the body’s hormonal systems are out of balance, you might feel tired, anxious, depressed, or nervous.

Physical ExaminationsWe take a thorough health history, ask questions about your lifestyle, and assess your musculoskeletal structure before beginning any course of treatment.

Health Assessments: We take a holistic approach to wellness, which means that we look at all of the factors which might be the cause of your pain, instead of simply addressing a specific symptom.

Health Maintenance: We can help you with smoking cessation, weight management, and increasing physical activities.

Pediatric and Senior Care: Chiropractic care is appropriate for patients of all ages, from children to seniors. Dr. Kothmann adjusts his techniques based on the age and physical needs of the patient.

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Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine is a chiropractic and wellness clinic located at 2230 Indiana Avenue in Lubbock, TX 79410. Call (806) 791-3399 today to schedule a chiropractic consultation today.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "The staff is very knowledgeable in their field of expertise."
    Diane F.
  • "I just finished my 3rd visit / adjustment and my neck and back are already feeling so much better! The staff is super friendly and truly know what they are doing to make you feel better."
    Cindy Lynn C.
  • "I would highly recommend Dr. Kothmann and his professional staff for any type of chiropractic care. They know their job and they do it well. Above all, they care."
    Richard Dodson - Lubbock, TX