Regenerative Medicine

The human body was designed to heal itself. Some diseases or traumas, however, destroy tissue and organs such as skin and muscle. Those involved in auto accidents, sporting injuries, and various diseases are turning to alternative medicine at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine for helping the body heal itself.


After all, pain pills and anti-inflammatories used for pain management can only do so much. They treat the symptoms instead of treating the cause of the problem. If your chiropractor, an alternative medicine specialist, can't adjust the musculoskeletal area of the injury to correct the problem and slow down or stop the pain, then perhaps another style of alternative medicine is necessary.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

To generate means to grow or produce something. Regenerate would, therefore, mean to produce or grow something that was destroyed or to give it a new life. Regenerative medicine is the science of using the body's own materials such as the stem cells found in bone, blood, tooth dentin and so on. These materials are used within a framework of sorts mirroring the injury's tissues.

Once the framework is constructed in the injury, the stem cells act as a magnet to attract the body's own mechanisms for repairing injuries. Regenerative medicine studies and works to restore natural function and/or structure to injured tissue and organs as well as to organs that are permanently damaged.

Benefits Of Regenerative Medicine

Do you suffer from arthritis, chronic knee, back, or shoulder pain? Are you unable to walk due to plantar fasciitis? Do you have pulled muscles, sprained ligaments, or tennis elbow? How would you like to live and walk pain-free? Your Lubbock chiropractor can tell you more about pain management alternative-style.

What Is The Procedure?

This is a non-surgical procedure in which stem cells will be retrieved from either the back of the hip or the spine. The material will then be injected into the injury. It usually takes about three injections to get the job done. It's done in the office, and you'll go home the same day. You'll be able to resume normal activities within several days to a week.

If the injury affects your mobility, then your chiropractor might advise using braces or crutches to help you get around until the injury heals. He might also advise not using anti-inflammatories before and immediately after your treatment because they interfere with how the material affects the injury.

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Expected results are typically up to the individual. Regenerative medicine is still being studied but is a safe procedure. The science, however, is showing quite a bit of success with some patients. You can learn more about alternative medicine by calling Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine to learn if it's right for you.


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