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Regenerative Medicine at Our Lubbock Chiropractic Clinic

If you've ever enjoyed a prompt, complete recovery from a past illness or injury, you can readily attest to the human body's amazing ability to heal and rebuild itself from the inside out. But even these sophisticated internal processes can use a little extra help in the case of stubborn chronic symptoms or acute problems. Fortunately, you can boost your body's recuperative powers through the regenerative medicine techniques available at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine.

regenerative medicine at our lubbock chiropractor clinic

Natural Healing Using Your Body's Own Resources

Different structures in the body serve specific roles. The role of regenerating tissue typically falls to blood elements known as platelets. These platelets release substances called growth factors at the site of injured or degenerated tissues. The growth factors then spur cellular repair and reproduction, helping your body repair the damage.

As powerful and efficient as this healing system may be, it isn't always up to the task at hand. Major tissue degeneration or recurring injuries may require more healing, at a faster rate, than your platelets can address. Even minor chronic or acute damage can prove unmanageable in areas of the body that receive relatively little blood flow.

This is where regenerative medicine comes to the rescue. This strategy involves directing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) directly to the part of the body that needs assistance. These platelets aren't taken from third-party sources; they're removed from your own blood, and then re-injected in the treatment site.

What to Expect From Regenerative Medicine

Our Lubbock chiropractor, Dr. Kothmann, may recommend regenerative medicine as part of a greater holistic healing or pain management program. It can serve as an effective means of regenerating the tissues of ailing or injured soft tissues and joint components. This makes it particularly useful for problems such as tendinitis, sprained ligaments, rotator cuff tears, plantar fasciitis, sports injuries (or other repetitive motion injuries), and degenerative joint issues such as arthritis.

The PRP therapy we administer here at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine is a relatively simple, straightforward process. After taking a blood sample, we use a centrifuge to isolate the platelets from the blood. Once we have our platelet-rich plasma, we will inject it directly into the treatment site. The platelets will then go to work feeding growth factors to the tissues that need it most. After a couple of weeks, the resulting tissue repair should provide you with reduced pain and greater mobility.

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