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Knee Pain Treatment in Lubbock

Knee injuries are common and often a result of vehicular accidents, sports and falls. From sprains and strains to tears and fractures, the type of knee injury is defined by the affected anatomy and mechanism. Knee sprains are injury to the knee’s ligaments. The knee has multiple ligaments, such as the posterior cruciate, anterior cruciate, lateral collateral and medial collateral. In a knee strain, the muscles or tendons surrounding the knee are stretches and typically lead to loss of range of motion and pain outside the knee joint. The two types of knee bursitis can occur above the patella or near the knee joint. This occurs when the bursa in the knee is inflamed or irritated. The bursa is a fluid-filled pouch that acts as a shock absorber.

Causes and Types of Knee Injuries

Tears of the meniscus can occur due to overuse in sports or aging. Like the bursa, the menisci act as shock absorbers. Knee joint dislocation is often due to the high impact from car accidents or sports. It can damage both the knees and blood vessels in the knee. Knee fractures occur from a direct blow to the patella or the tibia plateau. It can be caused by a fall, sports or even osteoporosis.

It’s not uncommon for knee sports injuries to occur from overuse. For example, runner’s knee includes patellofemoral pain, and chondromalacia patella can develop due to a degeneration of the cartilage under the kneecap. These knee injuries are a direct result of the built-up accumulation of repetitive damage.

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Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine: Treatment for Knee Injuries

Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine located in Lubbock, TX is an integrative pain rehab clinic offering a variety of treatments for knee injuries, including regenerative medicine. This therapy is an exciting newer treatment that uses your own body cells to repair damaged cartilage. We offer it for knee injuries, such as anterior cruciate tears, meniscus tears, knee arthritis, and patella tendinitis. It’s a non-invasive procedure and the ideal alternative to knee surgery, knee replacement, and reliance on painkillers. When you visit our rehab clinic, our medical professionals will take a full medical history and perform advanced diagnostics to determine if you’re a good candidate for regenerative medicine.

We also offer physical therapy to recuperate from knee injuries. Physical therapy treatments are both active and passive. Patients learn corrective exercises to improve range of motion and function. Passive treatments may include laser therapy and ultrasound to help reduce inflammation and pain due to knee injuries. Prior to treatment, our medical professionals will complete a comprehensive exam for an accurate diagnosis.

If you need treatment for a knee injury in Lubbock, call us today at (806) 791-3399 to schedule a consultation. 


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