Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Auto Accident Injury Care at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine

Cars are such a common fact of everyday life that we tend to forget just how destructive they can be. But if you've experienced an auto accident first-hand, you may be all too aware of the kind of damage these incidents can cause to the human body. However, whatever level of discomfort you're facing, it's reassuring to know that you can benefit from the auto accident injury care options offered here at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine in Lubbock, TX.

man suffering from neck pain after an auto accident

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Even a low-speed impact can do profound harm to your musculoskeletal system, if only because so much force is transferred from the heavy body of a vehicle as it slams to a stop. A sharp enough jolt can dislocate structures in the lumbar spine, leaving with a severely painful, stiff lower back. It can also cause a disc to herniate onto the sciatic nerve roots, resulting in the characteristic leg pain, tingling, and muscle weakness of sciatica. The upper back can also suffer injury if it experiences strong twisting forces. But the most exposed and vulnerable part of the spine is the cervical spine, which extended through the neck to the skull. Since this area isn't secured in an accident, it can be subjected to hypertension and hyperflexion forces, resulting in the agonizing neck pain and neurological symptoms of whiplash.

Watch Out for "Hidden" Injuries

If you walk away from your accident without pain, does that mean you're all right? Don't count on it. Injuries can lie dormant for days or weeks following the shock of an accident, growing steadily worse without your even realizing it. Those injuries need an immediate diagnosis so you can proceed with immediate treatment.

Holistic Auto Accident Injury Treatment from Our Chiropractor

Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine is the perfect place to receive a post-accident evaluation and treatment program. Our chiropractor can X-ray your spinal column to check for injuries that might have escaped your notice while also analyzing any symptoms you do have. we can then prescribe a unique, holistic auto accident injury treatment plan for your specific injury or injuries. Your plan may include:

  • Chiropractic treatment to correct dislocated vertebrae and vertebral disc positions
  • Massage therapy to relieve muscle spasms, help tissues heal and enhance the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation to help you work your way back toward a healthy, functional body

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