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Medical & Pain Management Services Offered at Your Lubbock Medical Clinic

You do not have to accept pain as a necessary part of your life or take prescription medications every day to manage your chronic pain. Pain management medical services available at our Lubbock medical clinic can help you take control of your pain with a variety of powerfully effective treatments that do not involve drugs or surgery. We have transformed the lives of many people suffering common chronic pain conditions by healing the underlying, core cause of their pain with chiropractic techniques, medical weight loss, trigger point therapy and sphenopalatine ganglion (SGP) nerve blocks.


Conditions and Injuries Treated by Holistic Medical Services

Personalized, pain management programs developed by your Lubbock chiropractor not only provide pain relief but also support the natural, healthy restoration of a dysfunctioning nervous system. Call our medical clinic today to schedule an appointment if you suffer from one or more of the following conditions:

Back pain -- our pain management treatments offer pain relief for axial back pain due to muscle strain, referred pain due to degenerative disc disease and radicular pain caused by sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, spondylolisthesis or spinal stenosis.

Neck pain -- whiplash, misalignment of the cervical vertebrae and certain shoulder conditions can produce chronic neck pain.

Headaches/migraines -- your Lubbock chiropractor treats all types of chronic headaches with holistic pain management techniques, including tension, cluster, sinus, rebound and migraine headaches.

TMJ dysfunction -- if you have been treated unsuccessfully for TMJ pain by a dentist or doctor, consult with our medical clinic specialists about the benefits of having a spinal adjustment. In many cases, TMJ pain is not due to improper jaw mechanics but to compression of nerves within a misaligned spine.

Body pain -- the chronic inflammation of the nervous system is often responsible for symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. We can help reduce inflammation by implementing chiropractic and holistic medical services without surgery or medications.

In addition to treating these health problems, we also address spinal conditions, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, digestive disorders, osteoarthritis, and arthritis to improve your quality of life with evidence-based pain and medical management modalities. Many patients visiting our Lubbock medical clinic have also suffered sports or car accident injuries causing joint/muscle stiffness, whiplash, limb fractures and other musculoskeletal trauma that require the superior occupational and rehabilitative services we offer.

Pain Management Treatment Methods Provided by Our Medical Clinic

Spinal decompression therapy -- when a vertebral misalignment (subluxation) condition exists, this means that displacement of one or more vertebrae has occurred. A misaligned spine not only causes back pain and stiffness but also impairs functioning of your nervous system. Vertebral subluxation is a frequently undiagnosed problem that promotes organ disorders such as heart, kidney and liver problems. Because people with VS may not receive the proper treatment methods from non-chiropractic doctors, their health will either continue to deteriorate or never improve. Spinal decompression therapy helps re-align vertebrae, eliminates compression of spinal nerves and increases blood circulation to damaged disc through simple, painless traction.

Trigger point injections -- usually developing from muscle damage, trigger points are muscle "knots" causing soreness, pain and stiffness. Instead of prescribing pain medications that do not treat the cause of trigger points, we offer safe, effective trigger point injections containing anti-inflammatory, numbing substances to help heal trigger points and alleviate pain. In addition, the trigger point is rendered inactive upon receiving the injection so you experience immediate pain relief.

SGP nerve block -- cluster headache and migraine research studies have recently discovered a correlation between the sphenopalatine ganglion and migraine/headache episodes. The SGP is a group of nerves controlling head and face pain located within the spinal cord and brain. By stimulating their SGP with a newly developed nerve block, migraine/headache patients enjoy long-term, rapid pain relief without taking medication. SGP nerve block technology is FDA-approved, simple to use and more affordable than older nerve block treatment.

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If you suffering any kind of pain that is not responding to traditional treatment or want to stop taking prescription pain medications, please call our Lubbock pain management medical clinic today at (806) 791-3399 to schedule an appointment for an in-depth consultation with our chiropractor.


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