Lower Back Pain

If you are suffering from lower back pain more often than not, you are most likely looking for a way to reduce or eliminate the discomfort you are experiencing. Contacting Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine in Lubbock to make an appointment with our chiropractor could give you the relief you desire. Here is some information pertaining to pain in the lower back to read over so you understand why it happens, how to relieve discomfort at home, and what our chiropractor can do to help.

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Why Lower Back Pain Happens

Lower back pain can happen for many reasons. If you were recently involved in an incident where you became injured, your back may have been affected. If you use poor ergonomic procedures on the job, your back may suffer as a consequence. Back pain can arise if you have arthritis, due to excessive weight, or as a result of poor posture. If you sleep in an awkward position, you may wake up with pain in your back. Lifting heavy items without using a back brace or asking someone for help could also cause pain in your back.

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain At Home

When you suffer from lower back pain, you can use the power of warm temperatures to bring you relief. Apply a heating pad to the affected area for up to twenty minutes and then remove it for a full twenty minutes before reapplication. The warm temperature will relieve muscles and encourage blood circulation in the area so healing quickens. A warm bath or shower is another alternative for temperature transferral to the area. Light massage or simple stretching could also be soothing to the area. If you experience added pain with movement, cease the activity and rest.

What Our Chiropractor Can Do To Help

If you are not seeing results in the minimization of pain in your back, a trip to our facility to meet with our chiropractor is an option that may be beneficial. Our chiropractor will evaluate the extent of your discomfort by asking you to perform a series of movements. A spinal adjustment will aid in realigning your spine so that it is no longer placing pressure upon the joints in your back. This often yields immediate relief. Subsequent appointments will be scheduled to heal the area in its entirety. Our chiropractor will also make lifestyle change recommendations, use temperature therapy in our office, and provide massage to the area if needed.

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If you wish to stop your lower back pain, contact Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine in Lubbock to schedule a session with our practitioner for an evaluation. Call our office today at (806) 791-3399 to find out more information.


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