Spinal Traction

Spinal Traction in Lubbock TX

Do you suffer from lower back pain or a herniated disc? Are you dealing with a reoccurring bulging disc in your spine? These conditions can be treated effectively by our chiropractor in Lubbock TX with the use of spinal traction. This treatment, available at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, does not require surgery or drugs. At the same time, spinal traction will help relieve your back pain and treat your spinal injury. Discover how we use spinal decompression therapy to treat lower back pain and herniated discs.

How Spinal Traction Works

Spinal traction is a popular chiropractic technique that focuses on expanding the spinal column. We use a special traction table to extend the spine in nonsurgical decompression therapy. This creates a negative pressure in the spinal discs. If you are suffering from bulging, slipped, degenerating, or herniated discs it also allows our chiropractor to reposition or retract the disc.

Uses for Spinal Traction Therapy

This is an effective treatment for disc injuries, as well as to help alleviate inflammation due to herniated or bulging disc. When this inflammation occurs it typically puts undue pressure on the surrounding tissue including nerves, which is what causes pain in your back.

Typical injuries that can be treated effectively using spinal traction therapy include a sports injury, auto accident injury, personal injury, or workplace injury. Additionally, if you suffer from poor posture you may find spinal decompression a welcoming addition to your chiropractic treatments.

Spinal Decompression Benefits

By getting spinal decompression at our chiropractic clinic you can treat spinal injuries, while relieving back pain. However, there is another useful benefit. During a decompression treatment this decrease in pressure in the spine allows for healing nutrients and oxygen to better reach the injured disc.

This helps your body to heal itself naturally from a back injury, which in turn decreases your pain. Perhaps the most beneficial reason for choosing spinal decompression is to treat your back pain or injury without the use of surgery, or without having to take drugs.

Chiropractic Care Using Spinal Traction

Here at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine we use spinal traction along with a comprehensive chiropractic treatment program. After you visit and have a chiropractic consultation and exam with Dr. Kothmann you will be prescribed a treatment plan that best suits your needs for pain relief and injury treatment. If you have spinal disc injuries or back pain, then spinal decompression can be used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to help alleviate your symptoms.

Meet Our Lubbock TX Chiropractor

Dr. Kothmann is our Lubbock TX chiropractor, and he has extensive experience using spinal traction for patients suffering from injuries and pain. Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine also offers trigger point injections, medical weight loss injections, and Nerve Block for headaches and migraine treatment. We are affiliated with Kothmann Chiropractic and Rehab.

Contact our office at 806-791-3399 to schedule spinal decompression therapy. If this is your first visit to Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine you will receive a free consultation with Dr. Kothmann.


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