Pain Management Lubbock Tx

How Best To Undergo Pain Management In Lubbock TX

Several clinics offer pain management in Lubbock TX and there is a slight difference in their treatment and charges but that does not change the fact that pain management in Lubbock TX follows the same basic procedure. However, the same pain management treatment in Lubbock TX yields better result in some patients than in others. It depends on each patient’s attitude towards the treatment. Here are a few tips for better and faster result

Your doctor will try to understand the pain, please give him full cooperation

Your doctor will first ask a few questions and administer some physical tests to get to understand the root of the pain and he will also try to figure out the kind of pain. Could it be a trigger point pain or another kind of pain? He can only offer good treatment if he understands the pain.

You need to be patient as this may take some time. When you are in pain, you will be in a hurry to get relief and you may become impatient. Of course, if he sees that the pain is unbearable, he will administer a temporary pain killer.

You should be very cooperative with your doctor. Treating chronic pain can be frustrating to them too. So, you should answer all the questions he asks without getting tired. You don’t want him to treat by trial and error. Show some understanding. He is not a miracle worker. He has to get to the root of the pain for him to be able to treat it effectively.

Use your medication wisely

In the bid to get a “quick fix”, some patients take more medication than what the doctor prescribed. This is very wrong. Your doctor wants you to be fine as quickly as you also want to be fine. He knows that anything more than what he prescribed can cause complications or lead to some side effects. So you should take your medication as prescribed as your doctor. Taking more will not cure you any faster.

Seek support when needed but don’t depend too much on support

Some chronic pains may not allow you to stand upright or stand for long. It is okay to lean on someone but you should also be forcing yourself to stand upright through the pain. If not, when the pain resolves completely, you might need another physiotherapy program to be able to stand upright and it will come with additional cost. That is why it is okay to seek support but you should be in control.

Notify your physician before you consult another physician

It is normal that if you don’t feel any difference after some time, you might want to consult another physician. Nobody is a monopoly of knowledge. Not being able to handle your case does not make your physician incompetent. But if you consult another doctor without carrying him along, you will not only offend him, you will also make him feel incompetent.

If you involve him in your change of physician, he will explain your condition to the new physician and the more any physician understands the symptoms the higher his chances of being able to cure you completely.


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