Pain And Suffering Lubbock Tx

Pain And Suffering In Lubbock TX: Common Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain can sometimes be unbearable, sapping you of your strength and stealing your joy. Many patients who experience pain and suffering in Lubbock TX, often spend long hours sitting on the bed while watching TV, sitting on chairs in their offices and sleeping in the wrong position. According to medical experts, bad posture often triggers back pain. Depending on the cause, some back pain can last for weeks, months, and even years.

What are the common causes of back pain? Consider the following


The lifting of heavy objects or failing to use the proper technique of picking up things can strain your back, causing you to experience severe pain in your lower back. Also, when you use one of your arms more frequently than you use the other, this may lead to skeletal imbalances which will eventually affect your spine muscles and nerves.


Smoking is another reason why people pass through pain and suffering in Lubbock TX. Besides being bad for your heart and lungs, smoking increases your chances of experiencing backache. Nicotine, which is found in cigarette, prevents blood from flowing to the disks and vertebrae. The result is that both the disks and vertebrae ages and breaks down faster. Smoking may also affect the body's ability to absorb and utilize calcium resulting in osteoporosis-related back problems.

Injured Disks

The disk aids movement and acts as cushions to absorb shock. It lies between the spinal vertebrae. When a disk injured or ruptured, there will be more pressure on the nerve, ligaments, and tissues affecting the structural integrity of the spine. An injured disc lead to back pain and causes discomfort.


As you age, you become vulnerable to ailments that cause back pain such as spondylolisthesis which incites inflammation in the spinal joints. Another illness that causes back pain is spinal stenosis where the spinal canal narrows abnormally. These ailments that come with the aging process make it difficult for joints and ligaments to hold the spine in proper position.


When new bones are not formed quickly enough to replace old ones, the bones become porous and brittle leading to compression fractures. Osteoporosis exposes the spinal column to structural failures, causes muscle strains, breaks, and shifts in weight.

Fractured Vertebrae

Car accidents, violent falls, and extreme spinal deterioration can cause a vertebral fracture. When there is a spinal fracture, back pain occurs and worsens with movement. If left untreated, this complication can affect the spinal cord.

Sleep Disorders

Of course, everyone has sleepless nights occasionally, but individuals with sleep disorders have a higher risk of experiencing back pain. Studies reveal that there is a significant relationship between sleep and pain.

Bad Mattress

A bad mattress is a common cause of back pain. If your mattress does not support certain parts of your body, you may develop back pain over time.

If you are experiencing pain and suffering in Lubbock TX, then you should seek help ASAP. Delay in treatment can cause more damages to your spine.


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