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Arthritis is one of the most painful and debilitating of all diseases. Because it is progressive, you are likely to continue to feel pain in various joints as time goes on. There are many types of medications you may try in order to reduce pain and swelling. However, many of these medications have side effects that are less than desirable. You may prefer instead to choose holistic arthritis treatment in Lubbock, TX. Chiropractic services offer a way to improve joint pain and mobility without the use of drugs.

Improve Pain

One of the goals of arthritis treatment in Lubbock, TX is to reduce the amount of pain that a patient feels due to the disease. Joints may be achy and stiff and you might have a difficult time moving them on your own. It may seem as though moving your joints will cause more pain. Actually, the reverse is true.

Moving your joints, even through manual manipulation, can be an extremely effective way to reduce pain. Joints require some movement and when you keep them in one position for too long they can stiffen and the pain worsens. Reduction of pain through movement can seem counterintuitive, but it is extremely beneficial when the treatment is provided by a qualified chiropractor.

Increase Range of Motion

One of the most disheartening things about arthritis is that it causes you to lose motion in your joints. When you avoid movement you are actually making the area stiffer and less flexible. Regular movements and manipulations through arthritis treatment in Lubbock, TX will increase your range of motion. A chiropractor has more than 150 techniques that can be used to adjust and manipulate the spine and joints in the body. These techniques can be used with varying degrees of pressure depending on the patient’s needs.

As arthritis worsens it can make your joints stiffen and your fingers or other joints could be locked into one position. It is important to try to keep this from occurring. Regular manipulation is necessary to ensure that the joints do not become frozen. There are various techniques that can be used. The first step is a patient evaluation to determine the best treatment options to pursue.

Reduce Stiffness

Stiffness is something that most arthritis patients know about. The joints can stiffen in a short period of time, even after sleeping, for example. Pain keeps you from moving your joints at first and then lack of movement makes them stiff. The result is pain and stiffness that worsens over time. The best time to receive treatment is when your arthritis is first diagnosed. However, chiropractors are able to work with patients who have all stages of arthritis. Some patients will experience more success with arthritis treatment than others. There are often some exercises that the patient can do at home between appointments. These exercises keep the joints from stiffening further.

If you suffer from arthritis you know the pain and discomfort it causes. Contact Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine online at Healthy Spine Lubbock to schedule an appointment today.


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