Sport Injury FAQs

Sports injuries are not only painful, they can keep you sidelined from the game you love. If you’re suffering from a musculoskeletal sports injury, contact Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine for diagnosis and treatment. These FAQs from our Lubbock, TX chiropractor explain more about the causes and symptoms of sports injuries along with options for chiropractic sports injury treatment.


What exactly is a sports injury?

Sports injuries are generally injuries to your musculoskeletal system sustained during sports play or during participation in sports events. These may range from strains and sprains to soft tissue injuries, dislocated bones or joints, herniated disc, damaged tissues, and more. Acute injuries are those that occur suddenly due to a traumatic impact, causing immediate pain. Chronic injuries are those that occur over time due to muscle overuse or repetitive motions that can lead to long term pain.

What are some examples of acute and chronic sports injuries?

Some examples of acute injuries are dislocated bones and joints, herniated discs, torn muscles, misalignments in your spine, or ruptured ligaments.

Some examples of chronic injuries are carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, runner’s knee, rotator cuff injuries, and plantar fasciitis. These injuries can cause cumulative damage to your body, resulting in chronic pain, inflammation, and loss of mobility.

How are musculoskeletal sports injuries treated?

Our chiropractor will evaluate your condition to determine the cause and severity of your injury. We’ll review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, and observe you in motion to see how the injury is affecting your mobility. We’ll also inspect your musculoskeletal alignment to uncover problems that may be affecting your current condition. Once we have this information, we can outline a plan for treatment.

Your sports injury treatment plan may involve a combination of therapies to include chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, massage, corrective exercises, and cold laser therapy. These therapies work together to ease pain and inflammation, relax muscle tension, reposition misaligned bones and joints, and restore body function.

Can sports injuries be prevented?

There are numerous measures you can take to prevent sports injuries. Before entering a game, take time to stretch your muscles and joints to reduce your risk of injury. Depending on the sport you play, wear protective gear to protect you from injuries. You should also ensure you’re in good health when playing rough contact sports or participating in sports activities.  

See Our Lubbock, TX Chiropractor for Sports Injury Treatment

Whether you’re suffering from a recent injury or experiencing chronic sports injury pain, you can find relief through chiropractic sports injury treatment. To schedule a consultation for diagnosis of your condition, contact Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, Lubbock, TX, at 806-791-3399 today.


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