Muscle Knots and Spasms

Dealing with Muscle Spasms and Knots Effectively

Spasms and muscle knots are absolutely horrible to go through. They happen when a particular muscle suddenly cramps or tightens up to such a degree that it produces a serious pain sensation. This pain can be so intense that it can feel impossible to move. Spasms and muscles can go away on their own. However, it’s important to get the problem check out by a chiropractor, so the pain does not become reoccurring. At Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, our team is here to reduce the pain and help you prevent spasms and knots from controlling your life.  


What is a Muscle Spasm and Muscle Knot?

Charlie horse, muscle spasm, muscle cramp, or a muscle knot is a reaction of the muscle group that is overexcited. The signals start firing off, and the muscle area tightens up uncontrollably. This tends to be caused by conditions like bad posture, overworked muscle groups, strains, or ongoing use of muscles without regular breaks for recovery. The muscle can’t relax and rebuild itself which creates more and more damage that becomes painful as it is overworked.

Minor Treatment

One of the first things you can do to help is by increasing circulation to the problem area. Alternating heat and ice pads triggers increased blood flow which brings repair and nutrients to the affected and reduces inflammation. Massage is another method regularly used. Massages use manual manipulation to the knot or spasm triggering circulation flow. This breaks up binding or tension in the muscles that don’t want to let go on their own. The goal is to trigger a relaxing state for the muscle to recover. We offer massage therapy at our office.

Chiropractor Advanced Treatment

When the basic approaches don’t seem to work, a more direct and professional treatment is then needed. At Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, we use a variety of different treatments to help you with your knots or spasms. Our experienced team is well trained on how to apply and produce positive results from physical medicine, getting past your pain debilitation, and getting you back to having a pain-free life again. To find out more, give us a call or schedule a consultation for your first meeting. We can help you by applying physical medicine to improve your muscle spasm condition and manage pain. Our Lubbock, TX office can be reached by phone or email. Come see how chiropractic care can change your life today. 


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