Intravenous Vitamins

Intravenous Vitamins May Be the Key to Your Health Goals

Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine helps patients improve their health by activating the body's ability to naturally heal. Improving health will never start with hiding symptoms behind painkillers. Actually, healing means full-body health and wellness that will last a lifetime and allow you to have the energy you need to achieve your goals. To learn more about full-body wellness through chiropractic care and natural healing contact us today. We have several health protocols ranging from a chiropractic adjustment to nutritional counseling, physical therapy, and intravenous vitamins. 

Intravenous Vitamins May Be the Key to Your Health Goals

What Are Intravenous Vitamins?

It is not easy to achieve a perfect balance when it comes to nutrition. This doesn’t mean it is not worth trying each and every day to eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but if you are lacking in a certain vitamin, your body will show it in random ways, ranging from lack of energy, lack of luster in your hair, joint pain, and even mood disorders like depression. If you feel you are lacking a range of vitamins or nutritional testing proves it, then intravenous vitamins may be what you need. 

Who Can Benefit from This Treatment? 

People from all walks of life can benefit from vitamin therapy. Some people choose intravenous vitamins as a preventative measure to supplement their diet and to address issues that they know are lacking. For example, vegetarians may lack certain B vitamins and therefore come in for shots to make up for that. Others use intravenous vitamins to treat certain conditions. For example, some cancer patients, people with fibromyalgia, and other conditions are recommended to take Myers Cocktail. This vitamin and mineral mix was created at Johns Hospital by Dr. John Myers to boost the immune system and energy of people with debilitating conditions. Some people with certain age-related or degenerative diseases may benefit from a glutathione injection. This injection increases glutathione, a substance created naturally by the liver in healthy people. People with certain conditions such as alcoholism, asthma, heart disease, and on chemotherapy can benefit from an increased supply of glutathione because their body doesn’t produce enough naturally. There are many types of intravenous vitamins available and not all are right for each patient. Trust us to match you with the perfect treatment.

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