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How Can a Chiropractor Help With Pulled Muscles?

Feeling the Strain? Let Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine Help

If you have ever pulled a muscle, you knew immediately something was very wrong. Whether it was the quick onset of pain, the burning sensation, or the inability to move the muscle, you were aware that an injury occurred. Most likely, it was a muscle strain or a pull. Muscle strains occurs when there is a tear in the muscle. The fibers can pull away from the bone or the tendon that attaches muscles to the bone. The pain is immediate and you will feel a weakness in that area. Man with pulled muscle in Lubbock, TX

You may also experience swelling or muscle spasms. When you feel a muscle strain, Lubbock Advance Physical Medicine is here to help you. Although your first thought may not be to see a chiropractor, let our trained staff ease your recovery and help you return to your active lifestyle.

Lubbock Chiropractors Offers Medication-Free Healing for Muscle Strains

Our staff at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine has many medication-free options to help heal your muscle strain. If the strain also affected the joint, we can reposition the joint into a natural alignment which will help the muscle repair properly. This can help prevent further injuries or a recurrence of the strain. In addition, joint manipulation often provides relief of the discomfort and can help improve blood flow into and out of the injured muscle. This helps to move in repairing cells and to eliminate toxins that may be contributing to the inflammation.

Other ways our Lubbock Chiropractors reduce inflammation is to provide ice therapy. This in combination with heat therapy helps to speed healing of a pulled muscle. As your progress continues, we provide massage services to further reduce your discomfort and stimulate muscle growth and repair. Our trained staff also will work with you on developing an exercise program to re-strengthen the injured muscle. This includes at-home exercises to speed your recovery and to reduce the risk of pulling the muscle again. 

We want you enjoy your favorite activities. We also want you to live a pain-free life. Let our health staff at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine show you the various non-invasive and medication-free options we have for helping you work through many of life’s physical challenges including pulled muscles. The sooner you call us at 806-791-3399, the sooner you will return to fun. 


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