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What to Expect with PRP Injections

What to Expect with PRP Injections at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine

           Lubbock Chiropractor examining patient for PRP injections

Patients come to our Lubbock office for holistic wellness care to address a range of conditions. PRP injections are one of the offerings that may benefit new and current patients. Our team may recommend this treatment for those who have developed tendonitis or have arthritis.

Our integrated team in Lubbock offers affordable PRP therapy for select patients to improve their well-being, speed recovery time and reduce pain. Learn more about PRP therapy at our office today.

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is used in the injections given during PRP therapy. The proteins within the platelets have growth factors which are used for healing. A single injection can consist of as much as 10 times the normal amount of platelets found in a normal blood sample. Injections trigger the healing process in a person’s body, as the body thinks it is injured and will start the regeneration process.

What Happens During a Session?

Patients receive a concentrated injection of their own extracted platelets. Preceding this event, a practitioner or nurse has to draw blood from the patient. The extraction of platelets is performed in a centrifuge at a lab.

When a patient comes in for the PRP injection, a local anesthetic is applied and then the patient receives the injection. An ultrasound machine may be used to help medical professionals during the process. Cool laser therapy may be recommended as a follow-up treatment to improve collagen production.

The injection can be performed while a patient is awake or when he or she is under sedation. The patient can expect the injection process to take 30 minutes. More than one injection may be required for desired results. Patient response varies.

What Happens When Patients Return Home?

After the effects of anesthetics wear off, a patient may feel aching or throbbing at the site of the injection for a day to a week. The injection site may feel full or stiff. Some swelling may become apparent. If patients feel discomfort, acetaminophen or another pain reliever may be recommended. Patients should not exercise an extremity with an injection site or lift anything heavy until two weeks have passed. Patients can resume normal activities after receiving an injection. Talk to a practitioner to discuss when to resume high-intensity exercises, although the general time frame is four weeks after an injection.  

Results are not immediate. A patient may begin to see results in four to six weeks after an injection. Patients should follow up with our practitioner after four weeks. Patients should also call if there are any experiences that occur which are not described above.

Who May Benefit from PRP Injections?

Patients that come to Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine may need treatment to address mobility issues and pain. PRP injections may improve symptoms for those patients experiencing:

  • Inflamed or arthritic joints;
  • Tendonitis; and
  • Tendon Tears.

Our practitioner will determine the types of treatment that may best suit a patient, in terms of pain relief and recovery. As the injection is composed of a patient’s own blood cells, there is little need to worry about rejection or serious side effects. Feel free to ask our practitioners any questions you may have about this highly specialized treatment.

Boost Healing Naturally Today With Our Lubbock Chiropractor

Lubbock residents trust their health to our experienced wellness team at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine. Contact us at (806) 791-3399 to learn more about PRP therapy and schedule a consultation. 


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