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How to Manage Your Joint Pain this Summer

How to Manage Joint Pain This Summer with Help from our Chiropractor in Lubbock

If you have arthritis and other joint pain, have you ever noticed that your symptoms seem exacerbated by the increase in temperatures in the spring and summer? It’s not just your imagination. That’s why it’s smart to consult your Lubbock chiropractor when you start feeling your joint pain flare up. At Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, we can help you manage your increased joint pain this summer.

managing joint pain during the summer

How and Why Does Joint Pain Increase in the Summer?

The sensory nerves in joints are attuned to weather conditions. That’s why your body may hurt more on cold, rainy days as well as hot, sticky ones. Humidity, in addition to the temperature, can also play a role in joint health. With less joint fluid on humid days, you’re more likely to be sore. Not only will your joints hurt and be swollen, but you may also find that your ligaments, muscles, and tendons feel inflexible, too.

How to Prevent Joint Pain

If your joints are feeling the heat and you need some relief, there are plenty of lifestyle adjustments you can make for less discomfort. Swimming or even just sitting in a pool is a good means of alleviating painful joint pressure, for instance. 

You should also watch what you wear. Medical professionals advise sticking to linen and cotton materials that aren’t too constricting. Also, avoid wearing black and other dark colors if you’re going to be out in the sun. These clothing choices will prevent overheating.

It’s also very important to watch your hydration in the summertime. You might get hot and drink anything to soothe you, but soda, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages will hurt more than help. These contribute to your dehydration. Instead, sip either sports drinks or water.

Lastly, if all this heat is too much for you, then don’t go outside if you can help it.

How a Chiropractor Can Treat Arthritis and Joint Pain

Those who have arthritis and joint pain and need relief this summer should come to Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine. Our integrative pain relief rehab and chiropractic clinic administer treatments and services like injury and rehab, pain management, regenerative medicine as part of holistic care, and chiropractic techniques like SGP nerve block, myofascial release therapy, and spinal decompressions.

Contact Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine for Pain Relief

To set up your appointment for pain relief, please call our Lubbock chiropractor at 806-791-3399. Don’t let joint pain ruin your summer, let Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine help you manage your pain.


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