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Injuries and degenerative diseases can take their toll on the body and can take months or years to heal. Proper treatment with help from a chiropractor is essential when dealing with pain management and healing. Platelet rich plasma, PRP, is a therapy option that provides improved healing. PRP in Lubbock, TX uses your own blood to generate a more platelet rich solution that is injected into the injured site. The platelets are rich with nutrients and the essential building blocks necessary to promote healing.

Improved Healing

PRP in Lubbock, TX provides improved healing for a number of injuries and diseases. An initial evaluation will help determine whether the treatment is right for your situation. If you suffer from cancer or any other diseases this technique may not be best for you. In most situations, PRP therapy is a good alternative to surgical treatment for some injuries.

PRP therapy can be utilized first to see how your body responds. A PRP treatment generally offers results for up to 9 months. The doctor removes a small amount of blood which is then concentrated so that it contains a high amount of platelets. This platelet rich blood is then injected into the body at the location of the injury.

How PRP Works

Therapy for PRP in Lubbock Texas can be the first option in some cases where the injury is most likely to respond. PRP kick starts healing and makes it faster to recover from an injury. PRP therapy is usually done along with other chiropractic treatments that are designed to improve the area.

The technique is very easy to do and is completed at the chiropractor’s office. The injection site may be sore for just a few days after the injection. After about two weeks your body will begin to respond favorably to the treatment. Patients may continue to show improvements in healing for up to about 9 months.  

PRP in Lubbock, TX

Platelet rich plasma therapy is one of the best options for dealing with some types of injuries. Along with PRP therapy your chiropractor will use techniques designed specifically for healing the type of injury that you have. You may also be provided with exercises that can be done on your own at home. All of these treatments together will give you the best outcome possible after your injury.

The chiropractor will meet with you to determine the types of treatments and techniques that will be useful in your case. Various techniques will be done throughout the healing process to reduce pain and increase mobility in the affected area. You may also be taught some exercises that you can do at home to improve your healing. As your body responds to the platelets you will enjoy the benefits of faster and more efficient healing with less pain.

PRP can be a viable alternative to therapy. In some situations it is an option that you can try before you decide whether surgical treatment is needed. If you suffer from a serious injury you may be a candidate for PRP. Contact Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine to learn how PRP therapy can help with your injury.  


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