Headache Treatment Lubbock Tx

Almost everyone experiences a headache from time to time. When a headache is frequent or severe it makes life difficult. Even a minor headache can be stressful and make it hard to function in your daily life. When you have a recurring headache it may be caused by a number of things. Chiropractic headache treatment in Lubbock, TX takes a holistic approach to pain management.

Holistic care may include a health assessment to review the factors that could be causing your headache. A physical examination is helpful before treatment begins. Then, a plan is created to provide chiropractic care that best suits your needs. There are several types of headaches that can be treated through chiropractic care.

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are among the worst and most debilitating type of headaches possible. It is thought that they may be brought on or worsened by outside stimuli such as foods, stress and light. They are now thought to be linked with regular headaches, which are likely caused by irritation and compression of nerves. These types of headaches may be correlated to a misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine.   

Headache treatment in Lubbock, TX is designed to help reduce the incidence of migraines and lower the pain associated with them. Treatments are often successful in helping patients better function without chronic pain and discomfort.

Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are also sometimes called stress headaches. They typically produce pain due to tension in the shoulder, jaw and neck muscles. They may occur when due to stress or when the head or shoulders are kept in a specific position for a long period of time. Tension headaches usually cause non-localized pain. They can also be caused by drinking or eating specific types of items such as caffeinated beverages or MSG.

Relief of tension in the neck and back will greatly reduce the incidence of tension headaches. Regular manipulation helps to alleviate the buildup of stress and will make these types of headaches less likely.

Sinus Headaches

Sinus headaches happen when the sinuses swell or when there is an excess build up of fluids such as with an allergy. A sinus headache can give you a pounding headache that can hurt your entire face. There are some things the chiropractor can do for sinus headache treatment in Lubbock, TX. Techniques vary based on the specific needs of the patient.

If you suffer from chronic headaches a chiropractor can often help. There are things that can be done that do not involve the use of medications. A chiropractor utilizes an assortment of techniques that will assist in the relief of headaches and prevent them from occurring in the future.

When a headache causes serious pain it is a major distraction in your life. You cannot go about your daily functions without discomfort. Chiropractic headache treatment in Lubbock, TX is one option that could provide you with a permanent solution. Contact the experienced chiropractors at Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine or HealthySpineLubbock.com to schedule an appointment to discuss your options today.


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