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Excellent Treatment For Spine Associated Auto Accident Injury In Lubbock TX

Millions of people get injured yearly from vehicle accidents. The type of injuries that result from car crashes depends on the severity and circumstances of the impact. The direction of the collision and the speed of the vehicles involved contribute to the seriousness of the damage. Some injuries can lead to physical disability. Victims of auto accident injury in Lubbock TX can receive appropriate medical treatment from qualified physicians.

Occupants of a vehicle may hit any part of their body on the interior of the car if a crash occurs. Such impact results in injuries. They may also sustain scrapes and cuts. Often the spine gets injured, and only proper medical attention can prevent disability in such cases. Here are the typical back injuries associated with an auto accident.

Neck Injuries

The impact from a collision can stretch the ligaments and muscles of the neck. The accident victims may suffer from mild injuries such as neck strain and whiplash. However, disc injury and cervical dislocation may occur in severe cases. Whiplash is a common injury which occurs when a driver’s neck snaps backward during a collision. Headaches, pain at the cervical area, stiffness, dizziness, and blurred vision are the symptoms of this condition. Physical therapy can ease the symptoms.

Spinal cord injuries

The body can suddenly move forward during a collision if the seat belt does not hold it in place. Such movement can cause the spine to fragment or result to a tear in spinal cord tissue. It may damage the nerve cells, disrupting the transfer of signals through the nervous system. The damaged spine results in pain, muscle weakness, and numbness. Bladder weakness may also occur. Surgery is the best therapy for spinal fracture resulting from auto accident injury in Lubbock TX.


The vertebrae may shift out of their place due to the impact of an auto crash. The dislodged bone can shorten the spinal canal or surrounding nerves. This condition causes pain and numbness. The accident victim may also find it difficult to walk. The treatment option depends on the severity of the displacement. Physical therapy and surgery can improve spondylolisthesis.

Disc Herniation

Just like the vertebrae, vehicle accidents can lead to displacement of spinal discs. Such injury affects nearby nerves and cause numbness. Surgery is the ideal therapy for severe herniation cases. However physical therapy and rest can alleviate the symptoms of the mild condition.

Spinal Stenosis

The degeneration of the height of the vertebral column and the narrowing of its canal occurs with old age. However, a car crash can make the condition to become symptomatic. The impact of the collision can also cause spinal stenosis in individuals that are not asymptomatic. An experienced physician can handle such cases to help the patients recover from the condition.

Auto accidents can cause various damages to the spine. The dislocation of discs and vertebrae, compression of nerves, and vertebral fracture may lead to loss of limb function. Moving an accident victim who sustained spinal injury may increase the severity of the condition. Help the person to stay still and seek medical help. Certified experts can treat spinal injuries resulting from auto accident injury in Lubbock TX.


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