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It can be difficult to move your joints when you suffer from arthritis. Because it is a progressive disease it can worsen over time and begin to impact additional parts of the body. Often it begins in just a few areas and causes pain and stiffness. The result is painful movement. The only way to treat arthritis is with symptom management. Drugs to reduce pain and inflammation are helpful to a point. However, there may be better ways to treat arthritis in Lubbock, TX.

Joint Movement

Keeping your joints moving is something that is often difficult for arthritis patients. The pain associated with even slight movement can be difficult to deal with, even when you are using pain medication. One of the best ways to try to alleviate pain is with regular movement. Keeping the joint working actually helps it stay flexible. All too often, pain causes your joints to freeze in awkward positions. This can occur due to lack of regular use.

A chiropractor helps treat arthritis in Lubbock, TX by manipulating the affected areas of the body and by helping patients learn to do flexibility exercises. Daily use will be helpful in keeping your body working more efficiently. There are a number of different exercises and techniques that are useful for arthritis patients. The goal is to continue working the affected areas, even with just a little bit of movement at a time.

Drug-Free Treatment

Chiropractic services treat arthritis in Lubbock, TX without the use of medications. The techniques often provide better flexibility while at the same time eliminating the need for pain drugs. Of course, pain and inflammation medications are still useful and are often part of the overall treatment. However, the introduction of chiropractic techniques can lower the amount of pain that is being felt and therefore you may be able to reduce the amount of medication that you are taking.

Improve Flexibility

It is important to improve the flexibility of your joints in order to stave off some of the effects of arthritis in Lubbock, TX. Even small movements offer big improvements when they are done on a regular basis. A chiropractor knows the techniques that are best for use with arthritis patients. These techniques are used to slowly stretch your joints and thus increase your range of motion. Used in conjunction with other treatments, they can often be very successful.

Certainly these techniques do not work universally, so not everyone should expect to see improvements. Your chiropractor will work with you to help find exercises that work best in your situation. However, you might see an improvement within about 10 to 12 visits. Remember that every patient is different and what works for one may not work for another. If it works for you, you can schedule regular visits to the chiropractor and together develop a plan to help you relieve joint pain and regain some movement and flexibility. Call Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine, an integrative pain relief rehab clinic, to schedule a visit or contact us online at  


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