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Platelets are components in the body’s blood. They are filled with important proteins that are necessary for tissue regeneration and healing. Platelet rich plasma in Lubbock, TX involves injecting them into the body for better regeneration during the healing process. PRP is a way to improve healing in a natural way because it uses your own plasma.

How PRP Therapy Works

Platelet rich therapy in Lubbock, TX uses your own plasma to create a concentration of platelets. First, blood is extracted and is scientifically separated to isolate platelets. Then, a concentrate is made with a high number of platelets. The plasma that is high in platelets is then injected into the area that requires treatment. The high PRP concentration stimulates healing and helps injuries. The number of platelets is up to 10 times higher than normal.

Rapid healing is one of the best effects of PRP treatments. It is useful for healing a number of areas of the body including strained muscles, damaged ligaments and problems with tendons. It can also be quite helpful in the treatment of osteoarthritis. It is typically used in conjunction with chiropractic techniques and massage therapy to provide a holistic approach to healing.

Getting PRP Therapy

The first step in treatment with platelet rich plasma in Lubbock, TX is a patient evaluation. Not every patient’s injury will benefit from PRP therapy. Some patients are not good candidates because of pre-existing conditions such as cancer or other diseases. If you are a good candidate, blood will be drawn and platelets are concentrated. Then, the patient is injected with PRP at the site of the injury. You will have slight soreness at the injection site following the treatment.

You will begin to experience the benefits of PRP starting in about 2 weeks. The treatment for platelet rich plasma in Lubbock, TX lasts for up to 9 months. During that time you will have an improvement in healing.

Alternative to Surgery

In some cases, PRP therapy can be a viable alternative to surgical treatment for an injury. Patients can utilize their own blood to be able improve the healing process and increase regeneration of healthy cells. The treatment is relatively easy and is easily completed in the chiropractor’s office. Because you are being injected with your own blood there are no side effects that you need to be concerned with. The method is safe and simple.

Your doctor will monitor the progress of your healing after getting a PRP treatment. You should see an improvement in the length of time that it takes your body to heal from a particular injury. This therapy is ideal for those who want to take a more natural approach to injury therapy. In addition to PRP therapy, your chiropractor will also use techniques to promote flexibility, increase mobility and reduce pain. If you are experiencing pain after an injury you may need to consider having treatment with platelet right plasma in Lubbock, TX. Contact Lubbock Advanced Physical Medicine to learn more about our revolutionary services.


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